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Identificare Parteneri

Pentru identificarea de potentiali parteneri din Statele donatoare, entitatile din România pot consulta urmatoarele surse de informare:

În plus, entitatile aflate în cautarea unui partener din Statele donatoare/ România, în scopul depunerii în parteneriat a unui proiect în cadrul Programului, pot transmite Operatorului de Program, la adresa de email, o scrisoare de intentie în acest sens, care sa contina informatii în limba engleza referitoare la organizatie, la ideea de proiect sau ariile de Program vizate, precum si date (inclusiv numele unei persoane) de contact. Toate scrisorile de interes primite vor fi publicate de FRDS pe aceasta pagina de internet.

De asemenea, la aceeasi adresa de e-mail, entitatile din România si cele din Statele donatoare interesate sa participe la seminariile de match-making planificate de Operatorul de Program (seminarii care pun impreuna entitati din Romania si din Statele donatoare, in scopul identificarii de parteneri pentru proiecte) sunt invitate sa transmita o solicitare în acest sens, urmând ca Operatorul de Program sa le comunice direct detalii privind data si obiectivele seminariilor de match-making ce urmeaza a fi organizate în perioada urmatoare.

Operatorul de Program va organiza seminarii de match-making doar daca vor exista si solicitari venite din partea unor entitatile eligibile din Statele donatoare.


1. Romanian Association for Occupational Health and Safety

Romanian Association for Occupational Health and Safety (ARSSM) is a professional, non-governmental, of private possession organization, founded by the approval of Ministry of Labour, which gathers experts in the field of occupational health and safety, organized in the area in trading companies. ARSSM is represented all over the country. The members of association are organizations and legal persons, which have competence in the prevention of occupational accidents and professional diseases. ARSSM's main objective is to promote health and safety at work.

ARSSM is working with a range of organizations to raise awareness, standards. ARSSM is a founding member of the Union of Health and Safety Coordinators in Romania. We are a full member of ENSHPO (European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organizations), and have as partners EU-OSHA Romanian Focal Point and IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health U.K.). ARSSM supports EUSAFE project, aimed at developing a common European health and safety training network.

Some of the main activities of the ARSSM are:

Development of a continuous vocational training centre in OSH field;

Creation of a dialogue among state competent authorities, employers and trade unions;

Promotion of dialogue and close cooperation in the field of occupational health and safety among employers and trade-unions organizations in the field, by organizing meetings, seminars, conferences;

Romanian Association for Occupational Health and Safety is interested to find some partner organisations in the field of occupational health and safety in order to develop projects, share experience and good practices.


President Dan Marius Andreescu
Tel: +40 021.312.04.74
email: ,


2. National Anti-drug Agency (NNA)

National Anti-Drug Agency is a specialized body within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and has judicial personality.

The NAA has the following duties:

-         elaborates the National Anti-drugs Strategy and its Action Plan, submits them to the Government for approval and monitors their application;

-         outlines, monitors, endorses and co-ordinates the national programmes for countering illicit drug manufacture and trafficking and drug money laundering;

-         drafts, monitors, endorses and co-ordinates, if the case may be, the national programmes for preventing illegal drug abuse;

-         co-ordinates at national level the prevention activity of the Drug Prevention and Counselling Centres;

-         ensures the connections with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction and other international bodies active in the field;

-         performs and co-ordinates, at national level, the activities of collection, analysis and dissemination of data and information on drugs and drug addiction, maintaining legal confidentiality.

During the last five years, NAA had implement over 10 international and national wide projects financed by PHARE, MATRA, EMCDDA, EEA Grants and other EU funds. Total amount of these projects budgets is over 5,5 million euro.

Also, through the national network of 47 local Drug Prevention, and Counseling Centers (CPCA), in cooperation with the local authorities, NAA implemented numerous local/regional projects drugs demand reduction related.


National Anti-Drug Agency is interested to find grants/projects partners, inter alia, in the field of drug abuse prevention, help for children and youth at risk, drug demand reduction, develop the performance of the medical, psychological, social services for drug users trough integrated therapeutic systems and social re-integration of people at risk, exchange of and developing best practices, increasing the role of the community in the actions performed government at national and local level in respect of drugs phenomenon.  


Police Quaestor Sorin OPREA, Director

Address: Bd. Unirii nr. 37, bl. A4, Parter, Sector 3, Bucuresti, ROMÂNIA

tel: 004.021.318.44.00

fax: 004.021.316.67.27




3. Covasna County Social Care and Child Protection General Directorate

Covasna County Social Care and Child Protection General Directorate is a public institution of county interest in Romania which provides specialized social services for children, elderly, people with disability and other vulnerable groups.

The Directorate develops the county level strategy of social services, establishes new services, sustains the existent ones and coordinates services which promote and support the rights of identified vulnerable groups.

During the last six years Covasna County Social Care and Child Protection General Directorate had implemented 12 projects financed from national and EU funds. Our organization had also been a partner in other relevant region or nation wide projects like: "Come to school" National Campaign.

In the framework of call entitled "Synergies for the future - children at risk" Covasna County Social Care and Child Protection General Directorate would like to submit an application for the development of an integrated system of services in order to improve the quality of life, to reduce social inegalities, combat discrimination and socio-economic exclusion of vulnerable groups. We would like to develop and offer integrated services for about 300 children between the age of 6 -15 years and their parents (about 400 adult persons),  at risk in 3 villages and 1 municipium. At least 50% of the target group are Romani people.

For the fulfilment of the above mentioned objectives we propose the following types of services:

-         integrated social services to prevent school abandon and foster social inclusion;

-         educational services for developing skills for an independent life;

-         after school type educational services;

-         parents' school;

-         sexual education and family planning;

-         education for a healthier life;

-         combating juvenile delinquency;

-         support for disadvantaged children (food and clothes aid, school supplies).

We are looking for partners from Norway for about 2 weeks time training sessions for specialists like service coordinators, social assistants, community workers, psychologists, methodological coordinators, after school service coordinators, educators, community workers, medical assistants, health mediators, who would manage the above mentioned services. 


Covasna County Social Care and Child Protection General Directorate

Maria VASS, Director

Address: Ro-520064, Sfântu Gheorghe, strada Presei nr. 8 A, judetul Covasn

Tel./fax: +40 267 314 660, 




4. The Icelandic Human Rights Centre 

The Icelandic Human Rights Centre (ICEHR) is a non-governmental organisation founded on 17 June 1994 by nine organizations and institutions working in various fields of human rights. Today 14 organizations are partners of the Centre.

The purpose and aim of the Icelandic Human Rights Centre is to promote human rights by collecting information on and raising awareness of human rights issues in Iceland and abroad. ICEHR works to make human rights information accessible to the public by organizing conferences, seminars and campaigns on human rights and by providing human rights education and legal counseling. In addition, the Centre serves a monitoring role and has, since its inception, commented on dozens of bills of law and provided information to international monitoring bodies on the state of human rights in Iceland. Furthermore, ICEHR represents Iceland in international cooperation, i.e. NGO-coalition for an optional protocol to the international convention on economic, social and cultural rights, Association of Human Rights Institutes and the Human Rights Education Project. The Centre works closely with its partner organizations in the Nordic countries.

As a Human Rights organization, it is essential for us to gain perspective and experience in working with other organizations from a similar field. We participate in this project with the expectation of important knowledge exchange.

Role and task within the project, i.e. specific knowledge, experience in the given field and whether it could be applied in the local environment The Icelandic Human Rights Centre is an umbrella organization with partners that represent various groups of the Icelandic society. We therefore have experience in working with diverse ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups, such as LGBT groups, immigrants and the disabled. Our task within the project will be to share our knowledge and experience in the respective areas and provide information with the involvement of our partners.


The Icelandic Human Rights Centre

Address: Túngata 14, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Tel: + 354 552 27 20