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EEA Grants 2009-2014. RO10 CORAI Programme • Calls for proposals
Calls for proposals

Within the Programme, 4 calls for proposals were organized, namely:

- call for proposals for "Local"projects, organized under the Small Grants Scheme and addressed to Roma communities in rural areas and cities with less than 15,000 inhabitants; The "Local" call, worth € 6,108,739.07, was launched on December 18, 2013, the deadline for submitting projects being March 7, 2014. Under the call were submitted148 projects.

- two calls for proposals reunified under the heading "Synergies for the Future": a call addressed to children at risk, the other to young people at risk; The two calls were launched on 18 December 2013, with the deadline for submitting projects on 17 March 2014. Under the "Future synergies - children at risk" amounting to € 6,756,436.69, 91 were submitted 91 projects, and under the "Future synergies - young people at risk" call, worth EUR 5,609,275.33, 79 projectswere submitted.

- call for proposals "Coherent", through which local and regional initiatives were funded to reduce national inequalities and promote social inclusion. The "Coherent" call was launched on March 17, 2014, the deadline for submission of projects was May 19, 2014. Under the "Coherent", worth € 6,187,144.19, 100 projectswere submitted.


Under the Program, a total of 100 projects were funded. The call status was as follows:


No. of projects financed

Amount of authorized expenditure (EURO)

1. Local



2. Synergies for the Future- children at risk



3. Synergies for the Future- youth at risk



4. Coherent



5. Predefined project







The predefined project funded under the Program supported the efforts of the National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) to elaborate a new national strategy in the field. The project "Improving Anti-Discrimination Measures at National Level through the Large Participation of Specialists and Civil Society" was implemented by CNCD in partnership with the Council of Europe (CoE) and aimed at stimulating the participation and involvement of relevant actors in the elaboration of the national strategy for prevention and combating of the discrimination for the period 2017-2021, a document in the process of approval.

Download the list of projects funded under the RO10-CORAI Program