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EEA & Norway Grants Local Development Programme • Pre-defined Projects
Pre-defined Projects

4 pre-defined projects will be financed under the Programme, as follows: 

1. "Sustainable social and education integration through sport activities" implemented by the National University for Physical Education and Sports (UNEFS) Bucharest, in partnership with the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences;

2. "INCLUDE - Inclusion of Children and Youth at Risk" implemented by the Council of Europe in partnership with Romanian stakeholders;

3. "Capacity building in the field of public governance - a coordinated approach of the Centre of the Government of Romania" implemented by the General Secretary of the Government, in partnership with OECD; and

4. "Improving access and quality of services to citizens" implemented by the Romanian Association of Communes (ACoR), in partnership with the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) and with the Association of Romanian Municipalities (AMR).

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