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Rural Development Project - "Community window" component
Rural Development Project  (PDR) was initiated by the Ministry of Administration and Interior having as a general objective the increase of the capacity of local government in rural areas to develop local projects to improve infrastructure, by consulting and involving the community, by reducing the domination of county councils over the local ones, by developing the planning and investment management skills.

The "Community Window", implemented by RSDF as the implementing agency, has been designed for peripheral and small communities, whose infrastructure problems might be considered marginal in comparison to the existing problems at commune level. Based on a competition for projects, these communities prioritized their infrastructure problems and received grants for investment in priority needs.

Grants have been managed through the involvement of citizens in both financial and technical management, the model already being implemented in previous projects by RSDF.

Period - 2004-2006

General objectives
   - improvement of living conditions
   - citizens involvement in community development
   - increase of organizational capacity at local level

   - rural communities in 5 pilot counties

Value of the project - U.S.$ 3 millions

   - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
   - Romanian Government

   - 66 km of communal roads rehabilitated
   - 22 km water supply networks
   - 285 m² built or rehabilitated surface of community centers
   - 99 members of financed communities were trained in project management

According to an internal study, RSDF intervention, had as impact, at community level, the increase of members capacity to implement a community project and consecutively, the degree of community participation that made easier the implementation of the other components of the Project

The existence of procedures and a functional working system within RSDF that could be applied for the " Community Window" component made the Project (being in impasse in terms of political and implementation delay) to re-gain the mayors confidence in the pilot counties, to get fast visibility, and become a necessary and useful model for other components (which started after the formation of the team and procedures).