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"A better future for women"

The overall objective of the project is to promote an active role for women in disadvantaged environments - rural areas and small towns with predominantly agrarian economy, women belonging to ethnic minorities - by supporting them in initiating and managing small businesses and activities or community projects.

FRDS role:

    In its quality as partner, the major role of RSDF is to elaborate a diagnosis-analysis of the development potential of women entrepreneurship and run an ample informing and facilitation campaign at local community level. In more specific terms, some of RSDF attributes are the following:
- selection of intervention areas, identification of social entrepreneurs/ resource persons and formation needs, creation of mix groups for chance equality and resource persons network, identification of training needs and assistance for potential beneficiaries. Project reason joins RSDF efforts, to develop economic and social entrepreneurship at the level of disadvantaged communities, for reconciling "community development", "professional development" and "family life", as well as reducing the exclusion risks within the labor market and perpetuate dependence on the subsistence economy.

Period - 2008-2011

General objectives:
   - promote an active role for the women within disadvantaged environment
   - support the women in initiating and administrating small businesses and community type projects

   - rural communities and small towns (under 20,000 inhabitants)

Value of the project: - Lei 16. 7 millions

   - European Social Fund, POSDRU axis 6.3.- "Promotion of equal opportunities within the labor market"

Envisaged results:
   - 700 will finalize training programs
   - 100 business projects and projects / services for assisted care
   - 50 small businesses and community type projects are ready to start activities 
   - 100 mixed groups equal opportunities are functional women association within disadvantaged area is created

Expected impact:

The project will contribute to remove gender prejudices and stereotypes, to form an entrepreneurial culture among women and reduce the association deficit within rural areas and small towns.
RSDF won this project along with Depro Innovation (as applicant), Center for Economic Education and Development and Amfar Galitia Association.

Rezultate intermediare:

- over 110 localities evaluated in terms of development opportunities
- 100 intervention areas selected for the first year of project implementation
- 90 social entrepreneurs pre-identified by RSDF facilitators

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 "Combating discrimination and increasing the potential for employment of women from rural areas"

The project aims to promote the rights of women and families belonging mainly to rural areas.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to fostering and increasing the employment rate of female population in rural areas, through integrated actions aiming to reduce the inequality of opportunities and increase access to employment.

Specific objectives:

1. Combating gender stereotypes and attracting women on the labour market

2. Improving employment of rural women by increasing their level of training

The project responds thus to SOP HRD specific objectives, Key Area of ​​Intervention 6.3. - "Promoting equal opportunities in the labour market", contributing to the promotion of equal opportunities and the fight against gender stereotypes.

RSDF's role

The RSDF's major role as a partner of the main applicant is s to draw up an analysis of self-diagnosis on the access of women from rural areas on the labour market. In specific terms, RSDF duties consist in 1) Compiling a catalogue of best practices by conducting a comparative analysis of plans and practices developed in EU rural areas to increasethe level of employment of female population. 2) Formulating recommendations for the delimitation of areas of intervention, based on a detailed analysis of regional and territorial profile. 3) Assessment of constraints and opportunities for the (re)insertion on the labor market, as well as specific needs professional development 4) Identify alternatives and directions for configuration and operation of regional support centers that will be established under the project.

Period: 2010-2012


- Rural communities from four regions of development

Project value: Lei 17, 7 million

Funding sources: 
-The European Social Fund (6.3 "Promoting equal opportunities on the labour market"), through SOP HRD


- Association of Women and Families fromRural Areas (main applicant)

- Advertising Agency Saatchi & Saatchi Ltd (partner)

- Association of Young Farmers from Almeria(Spain) - ASAJA ALMERIA (transnational partner)

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"Developing capacity of Roma communities" / PGF National Partner Romania

The project aims to a sustainable and equitable development of Roma communities in Romania and combating social exclusion by providing integrated assistance (financial and technical) for capacity building at the level of members of Roma communities in order to increase their chances to compete for EU Structural Funds.

Period: October 2009 - November 2012

RSDF's role

The role of RSDF as project partner is to provide expertise and technical assistance to local authorities for elaboration of projects to be financed from structural funds. RSDF's duties include an analysis of the needs for support at the level of local authorities on accessing EU funds for Roma communities and facilitation at the level of communities (information, involving persons belonging to Roma communities in developing applications etc.).


1) Involvement of Roma community' members in their own development, particularly in generating EU projects 

2) Strengthening the NGOs capacity (organizational and financial) to apply for EU funds

3) Increasing the ability, capacity, and expertise of Roma individuals to act as local development agents  



- Roma communities from rural areas or small towns with low capacity to access structural funds


Project value: Euro 326,450

Funding sources: 
- Open Society Institute (Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative)


- RSDF acted in consortium with Foundation for Civil Society Development and The Institute for Public Policy Association

Results at the level of the project:

- At least 50 Roma communities and 40 NGOs informed by the community facilitators on PGF services

- 36 communities facilitated with the purpose of generating and selecting project ideas

- 15 communities assisted for the development/revision of local government strategies for local development

- 120 persons trained in project management and organizational development (out of which 65 Roma persons)

- 51 projects developed (at least six projects funded)


By promoting a widespread information campaign, by investing in human resources and encouraging cooperation between Roma and non-Roma, the project creates prerequisites for other development initiatives.The success in certain communities undoubtedly will encourage Roma to apply for EU funds and/or to try to find alternative solutions to the poverty and social exclusion.

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"Education for civic engagement of Roma communities"

The purpose of the project was to identify, mobilize and put together the most important resources of the Roma communities, schools and local authorities, building local capacities for identifying measures, initiating, implementing and monitoring projects to be financed by the Romanian Government budget or by other donors involved in the Decade.

Period: July 2006 - August 2008



- Improving the capacity of Roma citizens to participate in the decision making process within their own communities

- Increasing the level of participation of Roma children attending compulsory education at the preschool and primary school


- 40 Roma adults;

- 60 disadvantaged Roma communities selected from three development regions (North -West, Centre and South)

Project value: Euro 303,350 (out of which Euro 284,350 REF grant)

Funding sources: 
- Roma Education Fund(REF)


- RSDF acted in consortium with Agency for Community Development "IMPREUN√".

RSDF role:

RSDFrole was to help creating a local development potential in the Roma communities through transfer of knowledge and experience in working with disadvantaged communities to individuals/ organisations in targeted areas (community members, local leaders, NGOsetc.). They will act latter as a mobilizing factors of Roma communities 'members for their participation and involvement in identifying and prioritizing common problems, developing plans and strategies that lead to their resolution, identifying funding sources. Thus, RSDF developed or contributed to activities such as educational facilitators' selection and training, adaptation of facilitation's tools and procedures, identification of local leaders and buildinglocal partnership, providing consultancy for educational plans to the Roma community, elaborating a sbeneficiary assessment study (baseline, case studies, lessons learned).


- Training of 44 Roma adults as community facilitators on issues related to access to education; during the project implementation, most of them had been employed as facilitators;

- Development of 60 Community-level educational plans that will be included in local development strategies;

- Creation of a number of 60 local initiative groups (of which 39 have been formally recognized by the local authorities);

- Improved skills and capacity of Roma citizens to participate in decision-making processes in aspects that concern them;

- Increased awareness of Roma parents regarding the importance of ensuring access to education for their own children.


The project has created prerequisites for the development of Roma communities; thus, 32 communities (of the 36 eligible) have sent applications to the rounds organised by RSDF within the Programme for Priority Interventions in order to get funding for an integrated project.