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Campaigns for promoting projects/programs

In order to promote the financing opportunities, to inform and motivate the interested factors, to disseminate the results and good practices, RSDF organizes, within each grant scheme, extensive informational and communication campaigns, which include activities at the community level (door-to-door information, public meetings) as well as seminars, round-tables, etc. addressed to the interested factors at central, regional, district and local level.

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Priority Intervention Program (PIP)

July 2007- Launching the pilot financing round. A list of 11 Roma communities, provided by the National Roma Agency (NRA) has been included within an inense process of informing and facilitation, developped on 5 months period of time. Through RSDF community facilitators, the eligibility of these communities has been checked, there have been organized door-to-door informational activities and public meetings where the members of eligible communities and representatives of the main local actors (municipal council, school, church, etc) have learned about the available financing opportunities within PIP.

September 2007-Launching the first financing round. The campaign for launching the first financing round has been developped at the level of 120 Roma communities proposed by NRA and required the verification of their eligibility and informing the interested factors (members of eligible communities, representatives of local, district and regional authorities, etc) about PIP, by organizing public meetings in the eligible communities, distribution of informative materials, etc. In parallel, within the same informational campaign, RSDF organized 7 seminars at regional level (in Iasi, Alba Iulia, Zalau, Sf.Gheorghe, Braila, Bucuresti and Craiova), meant to inform the interested factors about PIP opprotunities and to support those eager to initiate and deposit projects within the first round.

June 2008-Launching the seconf financing round. The informational campaign associated to the second financing round of PIP has been directed to 40 Roma communities recently proposed by NRA. This meant, at community level, the checking up of their eligibility and informing the interested factors about the Program' opportunities by organizing meetings, public assemblies, distribution of informative materials, etc. These steps, made through community facilitators, have been doubled, at national and regional level, by organizing 7 informative seminars (in Miercurea Ciuc, Targu Jiu, Bacau, Alba Iulia, Zalau, Braila, Bucuresti), especially addressed to the decision-making persons and non-government organizations potentially interested in signing a partnership with members of the eligible communities with the purpose of designing and implementing a project financed through PIP.
November 2009- Dissemination of interim results. In order to present the stage of PIP implementation process, to analyze the results and to draw up conclusions and recommendations to allow the upgrading of the Program in the coming period, 3 workshops have been organized in Alba Iulia, Bucuresti and Iasi with the representatives of NRA, County Council and Prefectures of the counties that had funded projects, local authorities, NGOs and financed communities, as well as other interested factors.

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Social Development Scheme of Mining Communities (SDSMC)

July 2006-Launch of the first financing round. At central level, the informing campaign has been conducted by the Romanian Agency for Sustainable Development of Industrial Zones (RASDIZ), printed and electronic media, RSDF website, aiming to inform the interested factors and the general public about SDSMC opportunities. At regional and county level, the campaign aimed all the 19 eligible communities for financing through SDSMC and involved direct meetings, distribution of informative materials and organization of informative seminars (there have been organized 7 seminars in Zalau, iasi, Bucuresti, Bacau, Suceava, Alba Iulia and Oradea) addressed to the interested factors, especially to RASDIZ regional branches and local representatives, county councils and Prefectures, local authorities, NGOs and members of target communities. At community level, the informative campaign aimed strictly the 255 localities, components of the 49 eligible cities and villages of the 4 counties where have been organized detailed informative activities. At this level, RSDF team of community facilitators and RSDF branch in Alba have developed the informative activities which included direct information of the eligible communities members, "door to door" information, organization of public meetings and distribution of printed informative materials.

May 2007-Launch of the second financing round. The informative campaign of eligible communities within the second SDSMC financing round has been ran during May 21st-June 9th and included the direct information of members belonging to the 99 eligible cities or villages, by door to door informing and by organizing public meetings and distribution of informative posters and leaflets directly to the community members. RSDF community facilitators have visited, in total, a number of 433 component localities (with over 50 inhabitants). Meanwhile, the campaign involved direct information of the representatives of county authorities (county councils and prefectures) and local ones (eligible town halls and villages), of RASDIZ (local and regional offices), mining syndicates, business centers financed by RASDIZ; each one has received a package of informative materials (leaflets and posters). All these steps have been accompanied by the publication of announcements and press releases in central media and RSDF website, by the transmission of press releases to local media respectively, by organization of informational seminars at level of county residence (18 such seminars have been organized in Alba Iulia, Miercurea Ciuc, Cluj-Napoca, Rodna, Deva, Petrosani, Oradea, Tirgu Jiu, Resita, Baia de Arama, Salaj, Baia Mare, Bacau, Suceava, Pitesti, Ploiesti and Tulcea).

May 2008-Launch of the third financing round. The informational campaign has been directed to all eligible communities but it has been strictly focused on generating projects for social community services and income generating activities. In terms of communication, the campaign was limited to the transmission of printed materials (leaflets and posters) to all interested factors and organization of informative seminars at county or regional level-8 such seminars have been organized in Abrud, Zalau, Tirgu Jiu, Bacau, Resita, Suceava, Miercurea Ciuc, Alunu (Valcea).