Romanian Social Development Fund
" An organization for supporting people and their problems "
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Board of Directors and Executive Management

RSDF management is provided by:

1)  The Board of Directors is entitled to coordinate and check RSDF activity, taking RSDF strategy and policy.

The Board of Directors is composed by 11 members as following:

         -  7 of them are representatives of the Romanian Government (1 representative of the Prime-Minister, 5 representatives nominated by the ministries stipulated in art. 13 of the Law 129/1998 republished with further modifications and completion and 1 representative of the national Agency for Roma);
         -  4 representatives of civil society nominated, through Decree, by the Romanian President.

2)     The current activity of the Fund is managed by the Executive Director, appointed by the Prime-Minister of Romania. At present, Mrs. Mihaela Peter exerts as Executive Director, according to the Romanian Prime Minister Decision no.287 / 31.10.2011.

As a consequence of the above mentioned information, RSDF Board of Directors is composed by the following members: 

1. Bogdan Alexandru Fatu - representative of the Prime-Minister - President;

2. Mihaela Virginia Toader - representative of the Ministry of European Funds - Vice President;

3. Eduard Corjescu - representative of the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice;

4. Mihaela Mocanu - representative of the Ministry of Transports;

5. Nicu Popescu - representative of the Ministry of Public Finance;

6. Camelia Iuliana Coporan - representative of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration;

7. Daniel Radulescu - representative of the National Agency for the Roma;

8. Catalina Galer - representative of civil society;

9. Ioana-Irina Rusu - representative of civil society;

10. Irina-Dumitrita Solomon - representative of civil society;

11. Dan Mihai Talnaru - representative of civil society.