Romanian Social Development Fund
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Studies, Researches and internal Evaluations conducted by RSDF team

Studies made by RSDF sociologists team  (available in Romanian only)

Are the women in mining areas getting involved in community development projects? - Case study
Functions, adjustments and effects of initial facilitating process within the context of the programs ran by RSDF
Impact assessment
Bench marks, approaches and strategies within community development - Guide
Perspectives of RSDF organizational strategy improvement - Policy paper
Challenges for decentralization process - Process assessment
Rural entrepreneurship within poverty conditions - Case study
Social services sustainability - key factors - Case study
Community development and modernization through an infrastructure process - Case study
Dissemination of participatory approaches within the local development - Impact assessment
Assessment and supervision of subprojects financed by RSDF. Difficulties and support needs. - Impact assessment
Integration of internal monitoring and assessing activities within RSDF operational steps - Impact assessment
Social capitalization within the communities benefiting of RSDF support - Impact assessment
RSDF contribution to implement the Rural Development Project - Impact assessment
Economic or ecologic within the community development - Case study
Irradiation of community development and modernism - Case study
Sustainability of home care services for the poor old persons - Case study

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