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Start for the Programme "Local Development and Poverty Reduction, Enhanced Roma Inclusion"


The Programme "Local Development and Poverty Reduction, Enhanced Roma Inclusion"(DEVLOC), funded by the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021, is close to the official launch following the signing by the three Donor States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and the Government of Romania, of the programme agreement. The Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF), as Program Operator of DEVLOC, will organize over the next two years several calls for project proposals to fund projects in order to reduce social disparities and contribute to strengthening bilateral relations with Donor States.


RSDF announces that in June 2018, the program agreement on the financing of the "Local Development and Poverty Reduction, Enhanced Roma Inclusion" Programme was signed.

The total budget of the DEVLOC Programme is € 82,352,941, of which € 70,000,000 of grants from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway (€ 25,000,000, EEA Grants and 45,000,000 Norway Grants) and € 12,352,941 national public co-financing. The Programme has two partners: the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities and the Council of Europe.

The DEVLOC Programme aims to increase Roma inclusion, raise the use of social services by disadvantaged groups, increase the capacity of central and local government to implement the principles of good governance and contribute to the respect for human rights in Romania.

By facilitating cooperation and partnerships between Romanian entities and donor states, the program will also help to strengthen bilateral relations between Donor States and Romania.

For achieving these objectives, 5 specific calls for project proposals will be launched under the Programme, in the following areas: Local development, Poverty reduction, Children and Youth at Risk, Roma Inclusion, and Human Rights. Other two calls will be launched under the two Small Grant Schemes, respectively: Roma Inclusion and Local Development.

Apart from the call for project proposals, 4 pre-defined projects will be financed under the Programme, as follows: 

1. "Sustainable social and education integration through sport activities" implemented by the National University for Physical Education and Sports (UNEFS) Bucharest, in partnership with the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences;

2. "INCLUDE - Inclusion of Children and Youth at Risk" implemented by the Council of Europe in partnership with Romanian stakeholders;

3. "Capacity building in the field of public governance - a coordinated approach of the Centre of the Government of Romania" implemented by the General Secretary of the Government, in partnership with OECD; and

4."Improving access and quality of services to citizens" proposed by the Romanian Association of Communes (ACoR), in partnership with the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities and with the Association of Romanian Municipalities.

To find out about the Programme, we invite you to follow the FRDS website and the Facebook page of the DEVLOC Program.