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Wednesday, May 8, 2014

Chance for entities in Romania to develop projects in partnership with entities from Iceland and Norway

 Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF) held, Wednesday, May 7, at Hotel Royal Bucharest, the Match-making Seminar, an event attended by over 40 public authorities from local, county and central level, and NGOs in Romania, Iceland and Norway. The reason of the meeting was the desire of the participants to finding and establish partnerships for submitting projects under the Call for proposals Coherent, a call aimed at combating discrimination and social and economic exclusion.

Interactive space of communication

Lillian Solheim (Norwegian Helsinki Committee), William Evans (Norwegian Association for Adult Education), Herdis Storgaard (Child Safety House - Iceland) Pieper Bjarkard Steinnun Björk (Icelandic Human Rights Centre) and Bjarney Fridriksdottir (Intercultural Iceland) responded affirmatively to the invitation addressed by RSDF. During the meeting, they presented their organization and the NGO sectors from Iceland and Norway.

To facilitate the identification of partnerships between entities at the event, have been organized thematic workshops in which participants, depending on the area of interest concerned, could discuss project ideas and establish future collaborations.

 The challenges of identifying partners in Donor States

The event was considered a useful tool for Romanian entities in order to facilitate collaboration with entities from Donor States, given that, although EEA Grants encourage this type of bilateral relations, the closeness between Romanian entities and the entities from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway has produced with difficulty.

"When an organization from a Beneficiary State approaches an organization from Norway  to conclude a partnership, this entity will have to consider the capacity of the Norwegian organization to get involved in that project, the limited time available and the language and cultural barrier. On the other hand, the Norwegian NGOs put great emphasis on reputation of the future partner, quality and consistency of the project and the type of contribution expected" said Lillian Solheim, project manager Norwegian Helsinki Committee.

The fact that EEA Grants are currently underway in 16 European countries (including Romania) caused an increased interest for the organizations from Donor States, meaning that they are now in the position of choosing, according to their needs and interests, in which project  is better to involve.

The Match-making Seminar set the coordinates for future partnerships between organizations from Romania, Iceland and Norway in order to submit applications for funding partnership for the Call Coherent. The call is open until May 19, 2014 and is part of the Programme RO10 "Children and youth at risk and local and regional initiatives to reduce national inequalities and to promote social inclusion" (CORAI), funded through the EEA Grants.



Monday, April 14, 2014

New - Facilitating identification of partners from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway

In first part of May 2014, Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF) intends to organize in Bucharest, a seminar for strengthening bilateral relations and facilitate the identification of project partners from donor States to develop and implement projects under the Coherent call for proposals.

Representatives of public and private entities (belonging to NGO field) from Romania who want to get in contact with entities from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway in order to establish partnerships to submit project proposals under the Coherent call, are asked to download and complete the registration form available HERE and send it to FRDS until April 25, 2014, by e-mail to

Project Promoters that have already identified partners from the donor States, can adress those organizations the invitation to sign up for participation in the seminar, an event where they can find out more about the specifics of the CoraI Programme and the calls of proposals.

The persons registered / selected will receive an official invitation, which will include information on the date and location where the event will take place.

If there will be more requests for participation than the number of available seats (about 50 seats), participants will be selected based on motivation invoked in the registration form. We mention that the participants in this seminar will be reimbursed both travel and accommodation costs (for one night and only if participants come from distances greater than 200 km).


Wednesday, March 5, 2014     

Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF), as Operator of the Programme R010 "Children and youth at risk and local and regional initiatives to reduce national inequalities and promote social inclusion" (CORAI), held on Friday 28 February2014, a session of consultations with non-governmental organizations on the documentation of the call for proposals Coherent, call that will be launched in March 2014.

Consultation session was addressed to representatives of major NGOs operating in the sphere of human rights / child, anti-discrimination and protection of minorities and debated the specific documents of the call Coherent.

During the meeting, the RSDF representatives presented the specific and objectives of the Coherent call, themes that generated debate. Participants requested clarification that had covered the eligibility of project promoters and partners, the types of eligible activities and costs, ways for documentation of the beneficiaries belonging to ethnic Roma and modalities of evaluation and reporting within the Coherent call.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Institute for Public Policy (IPP), of the Cultural Center of Roma "Amare Rromentza", of the Partnership for Equality Center (EPC), of the National Union of Organization of people affected by HIV / AIDS (UNOPA), of the National College of Social Workers in Romania (CNASR), of the Centre for Resource and Information for Social Professions (CRIPS) and of the "Împreuna" Agency for Community Development.

Call Coherent aims concrete initiatives to reduce inequalities and to improve national anti-discrimination measures, developed through cooperation of social actors at the local and regional level.


Bucharest, Romania, 05/03/2014

Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF) organized on February 18, 2014, an Informative seminar addressed to Bucuresti-Ilfov and Sud Muntenia regions, action intended to increase awareness about funding lines launched in December 2013 by RO10 Programme "Children and youth at risk and local and regional initiatives to reduce national inequalities and promote social inclusion "(CORAI).

The event brought together in the "I.L. Caragiale" hall of the Ramada Majestic Bucharest hotel, over 100 representatives of central and local authorities and representatives of nongovernmental organizations from Bucuresti-Ilfov and Sud Muntenia regions.

During the meeting, RSDF has made a number of clarifications on the conditions for accessing the funds available through the three calls for proposals opened under CORAI Programme. At the request of participants, RSDF made clarification on the Local call mainly focused on the eligibility conditions of the project promoters, partners and Roma communities targeted by the project, the types of eligible activities and costs, the constitution of the initiative group and how to document beneficiaries belonging Roma ethnicity. On the Synergies for Future calls for proposals, clarifications were focused mainly on ways for justification of relevant experience of the project promoters and partners, the arrangements for payment for the project team members, the eligibility of expenditure and value added tax (VAT), the allocation procedure / reimbursement of funds for projects, the importance of partnerships with entities in Donor States etc.

CORAI Programme aims at improving the situation of children and young people at social risk (with a special focus on the Roma population), contributing in this way to reduce social and economic inequalities that separate these disadvantaged groups by the rest of society. The program has a total value of Euro 31,764,706 and is funded through the EEA Grants 2009-2014.

Under the Programme were launched three calls for proposals: the call for proposals named Local, addressed to children and youth at risk who live in communities with relevant numeric Roma population facing economic and social problems and Synergies for the future calls, one aimed at children, and other aimed at youth at risk, calls that are considering larger-scale projects developed at the municipal, county, regional or national level, aimed to solve systemic problems for a large number of beneficiaries, including Roma, that are living in a multicultural environment and are facing marginalization and sometimes discrimination.



Tuesday, December 17, 2013, was held the launching conference of the programme "Children and youth at risk and regional and local initiatives to reduce national inequalities and promote social inclusion".

Link to the conference page (in Romanian)