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“Being together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, working together is a success”

Henry Ford

The RSDF supports and encourages the strengthening of bilateral relations through projects carried out in partnership between entities from Romania and those from the Donor States.

Partnership with a Norwegian NGO

If you are interested in partnering with a Norwegian NGO, we recommend you to access the database available on the NGO Norway portal and, using the contact details available, contact directly that organization that best matches the profile you are looking for.

Partnership with a local authority from Norway and Iceland

If you are interested in a partnership with a local authority from Norway and Iceland, we recommend that you identify such partners by accessing the web pages of:

Those wishing to identify a potential project partner from Norway are asked to fill this form and send it to, which will be forwarded by the RSDF to the KS, who will facilitate the identification of a potential project partner from Norway.

We also recommend those seeking on their own partners from Norway / Donor States to use this type of presentation proposed by the form for initiating contact with entities from Norway / Donor States.

In addition, to the extent that they respond to the profile you are looking for, we recommend that you contact directly the entities presented below, who have directly expressed, in relation to FRDS, the willingness to get involved as partners in relevant projects carried out in Romania:

  • Headmaster Voss Cultural School, Norway

Arts school with 400 students and 16 teachers, where dance and drama are taught. It is the only art school in Norway where the art of conducting (leading) of an orchestra is taught from an early age. They have worked in Romania for the last 20 years in Arad, Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara.

Contact details: Oddvar Nøstdal, +47 40416204,

  • Culture Break Borders, Norway

An NGO that puts music and art in relation to inclusion and education, but also with therapeutic activities with remarkable results. Addressing to children, young people or adults, music can be a way of improve negative feelings such as insecurity, anxiety, pain, fear, sleep disorders, socializing problems, shyness and more.The organization has extensive experience in conducting music therapy projects for beneficiaries with mental and physical problems.

Contact details: Frode Barth,

Fra Tiggerkopp Association, Norway

An NGO located in Adger County, Norway, which specializes in vocational and professional training of poor people, having experience working with Roma in Romania. The organization aims to identify and develop solutions so that beggars in Norway become financially independent and have jobs in Romania. This organization is interested in social, entrepreneurial and educational projects in cooperation with entities from Romania, especially in the county of Gorj, the county of origin of many people begging in Norway. In the last three years they worked in cooperation with the city of Târgu Cărbunești, one of the results being the opening of a new market in the city, with the support of Fra Tiggerkopp and the city of Kristiansand in Norway.

Contact details: Ivar Skippervold,