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“With people, for people”

RSDF management is provided by:

1) The Board of Directors (BD) which has attributions regarding the coordination and control of the RSDF activity, establishing the strategy and policy. The BD is composed of 11 members as follows:

– 7 representatives of the Romanian Government (1 representative of the Prime Minister, 5 representatives appointed by the ministries mentioned in art. 13 of Law 129/1998 republished, with subsequent amendments and completions as well as a representative of the National Agency for Roma);

– 4 representatives of the Civil Society appointed by Decree by the President of Romania.

2) The current activity of the Fund is led by the Executive Director, appointed by the Prime Minister of Romania. Currently, Mihaela Peter exercises the position of executive director, according to the Decision of the Prime Minister of Romania no. 287 / 10.31.2018.

Up-to-date composition of the Board of Directors (updated on 07.03.2022)

  1. Bogdan Alexandru Fătu – representative of the Prime Minister;
  2. Eduard Corjescu – representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection
  3. Mihaela Mocanu – representative of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure;
  4. Nicu Popescu – representative of the Ministry of Finance;
  5. Sorin Silviu Bălășescu – representative of the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration;
  6. Mălina Gonț – representative of the Ministry of Investments and European Projects;
  7. Iulian-Costel Paraschiv – representative of the National Agency for Roma;
  8. Alexandra-Elena Băicoianu – civil society representative;
  9. Ioana-Irina Rusu – civil society representative;
  10. Cristiana Narcisa Manciu – civil society representative;
  11. Dan Mihai Țălnaru – civil society representative.